About Us

Welcome to Communities Advancing Retirement Excellence.

CARE, Ltd. is a captive insurance company licensed under the laws of Bermuda. Founded in 2002, CARE, Ltd. provides various insurance coverages for not-for-profit, central Pennsylvania retirement communities and is owned by its members.

CARE members aspire to provide a safe, secure environment for every resident, employee and guest in their community, creating the culture of safety which helps meet the goals of the program:

  • Stabilize insurance costs through risk sharing with like-minded, well managed CCRCs and allow the members to share in the rewards of their results
  • Encourage excellence in risk and event management
  • Build affinity between members to learn from each other and create targeted, cost effective educational programs

Our success together supports each member individually in carrying forward the mission of their organization. To learn more, please contact one of our business partners or any Board member.


Program management, claim/event management, risk control services
Murray is responsible for four key areas in the CARE Program including program management and administration, policyholder services, claim/event management services and risk control services. As a CARE partner, Murray’s goals are to 1) eliminate or minimize member exposure to loss through effective risk management and claims handling and 2) to continue to secure the appropriate risk transfer vehicle to protect individual and combined assets.

Saxton & Stump
Legal and event management
Saxton & Stump provides unique risk and “event management” services for the CARE Professional Liability exposures. They review data from committee meetings, potential claims and state and national resources to assess the needs of the CARE organization. In addition, they perform loss trend analysis and provide educational program development.